How to Spot Fake Companies and Fraudulent Websites?

Have you ever thought about how many fake companies and fraudulent websites exist online? With the rapid development of technology, it’s clear that the Internet has become an ideal place for many cybercriminals who have begun to exploit uninformed and technologically illiterate people worldwide.

Almost on a daily basis, various suspicious sites with scam links containing viruses appear. On the other hand, there are credible sites that present themselves as serious companies, demanding from people their personal data as well as their bank account data.

The question is how to recognize any kind of technology scam and fake companies online? Is there any specific way that may help you to spot these cybercriminals and protect yourself from identity theft or viruses? Even though there aren’t any 100% secure

Never accept to pay for something via a bank transfer.

If you are requested to purchase something via a bank transfer, it’s probably a scam, and you shouldn’t get involved. In case you buy some time that turns out to be non-existent or fake with your debit or credit card, you do have the right to get your money bank.

However, it’s essential to know that you can see almost nothing to take your money back if you pay for it by bank transfer. Therefore, it’s best to avoid such things.

Do a double-check of the domain name.

If you are uncertain about a specific website, one of the most important and influential ways to make sure you’re dealing with a legal company is to double-check the domain name. A significant number of scam sites use fake domain names that reference worldwide famous products or brands.

Any domain that includes terms such as “” should raise alarm bells and make you wonder if they are legitimate or not.

Unrealistically good offers

Is the offer that some company provides too good to be true? That makes you wonder, is it possible? A considerable discount with meager prices? If you encounter such deals, it’s a sign that they might be scams.

Keep in mind that many scam websites are using this method to attract numerous people to click and purchase counterfeit or non-existing products or services.

Check out their returns policy.

If the company is focused on selling products online, it must have a return and shipping policy on its website. Besides the shipping and return policy, the website must include terms and conditions and a privacy policy that tells you what it aims to do with any of your entered data and information.

It must also refer to you if there are any extra-contractual rights for you as a customer. Therefore, take a good look at its website because it may reveal a lot about them.

Read online reviews of the company.

In case you still doubt whether it’s a fake company or not, you should read online reviews of it. Of course, if there are any reviews of it. Look across many platforms that aggregate customer reviews and see what others tell about your chosen company.

The more reviews you check, the better since one might also represent a fake website made by the same cybercriminals.

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